Sketsa wajah paper cutting untuk kado pernikahan unik & eksklusif kepada sahabat, keluarga, teman kerja/kolega

Face sketch design for paper cutting is drawn digitally from photo. High quality photo is important to determine the closeness similarity between sketch design and photo for client’s approval.


Send some photos for our reference and we will pick the best photo to be drawn


Send photos to:

Good Photos Criteria

Check if your photos have these 5 criterias
  1. High resolution, minimum width of 1000 pixel or 1 MB file size
  2. Smile/happy expression
  3. Eyes looking at front/camera
  4. Especially for women, hairstyle is in good condition
  5. The latest photos as possible. For adults, find photos of the last 3 years. Kids below 10 years old, find photos from the last 12 months.


Example of good photo 1

Details of face is clearly visible after zoom in

Cutteristic Photo Guide - Best Photo 1

Cutteristic Photo Guide - Best Photo 2 Cutteristic Photo Guide - Best Photo 3

Example of good photo 2

Cutteristic Photo Guide - Best Photo 4Cutteristic Photo Guide - Best Photo 5 Cutteristic Photo Guide - Best Photo 6

1. High Resolution

Minimum width of 1000 pixel or 1 MB file size (Mb)/head

2. Facial Expression

Find photos with facial expression of: smiling, laughing, or happy that shows the character of the person


3. Eyes and face direction

Eyes and face should be facing front/to camera, not facing down or up, not chin up of laying down.


4. Hairstyle and head shape


5. Photo of the latest


Email photos to:


What if I dont have photos that suits any of 5 criterias?

All face sketch design are made based on photos. the better the photos provided, then the sketch similarity will be more precise. Paper artist will draw the face as closest as possible from the given photo, if the photo quality didn’t meet the criteria this will make the drawing process more difficult and more revisions might be needed than usual process. However, this is a normal process to ensure the desigs represents the person’s character and paper artist will allow maximum revisions of 3 times since the first sketch is sent for client’s approval. With concern that client need to explain in details of which part of face features that need to be revised, example: bigger, smaller, thinner, fatter, skinnier, narrow, wider, etc

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