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Langkah-langkah Membuat Seni Paper Cutting

Seni adalah unsur penting dalam kehidupan manusia karena di sanalah muncul beragam keindahan serta kecantikan yang mewarnai dunia. Banyak ragam jenis seni yang sudah diciptakan sejak zaman dahulu kala, bahkan sejak abad ke-6, salah satunya adalah seni paper cutting yang semakin terkenal karena memberikan alternatif berbeda dari seni lainnya yang sudah lebih dahulu terkenal. Apa…

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Let me show you how to make a paper cutting art, step by step.



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Tools are: 

1. Laptop/PC/Computer, to create the image you would like to cut. It can simply be a name which you can create with Microsoft Office Word, or graphical image which I usually make with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, but Corel Draw, Freehand will do.

2. Paper, paper here means carton, as thick as common magazine you might have in your house, 250-330 gsm. Choose your favorite color, texture, or finishing (glittery, shimmer, pearly, embossed with pattern).

3. Printer, to print the image with thin black ink, you don’t need to print it in solid black because this is just a guideline of cutting.

4. Cutter, buy any standard cutter you can find in bookstore with refill, it doesn’t have to be cutter pen.

Cutteristic Kucu Story 8 Proses 1

Every artwork, I design them first in computer, because I need to get the approval from clients first before do the paper cutting. After sending some alternatives of designs, client will choose which design and sometimes I need to do some revision to make it perfect for my clients.

Cutteristic Kucu Story 9 Proses 2

After client approve a design, then I will print it with gray color to be the guideline of cutting.

Cutteristic Kucu Story 10 Proses 3


Grab a unused magazine or big carton to be your cutting mat. Mat should be bigger than your paper cutting. Do not use glass or wood or ceramic to be a cutting mat, it will make your cutter blade easily blunt.

Cutteristic Kucu Story 11 Proses 4

After finished cutting, put it in a nice double glass frame and it is ready!

Cutteristic Kucu Story 6 Hadiah

Give it to your special one, a perfect gift for any occasions


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Cutteristic is crafted perfectly with passion and dedication.  

  1. Nurul maulina

    Selamat malam mb dewi
    Saya tertarik untuk mempelajari seni yg anda geluti saat

  2. Dessy

    pagi mba, saya mau ikutan workshop nya. yang paling terakir kan pada tanggal 26 September. untuk oktober sudah adakah pjadwal workshop baru? thanks 🙂

  3. Muh. Iqbhal

    salam mba dewi..
    tolong diposting juga dong mba cara membuat design nya dengan adobe photoshop.

  4. Aulia

    Malam kak…
    pngen banget mempelajari,, tpi alat dan bahan tidak memadai..
    kalo bisa seminarNya diadakan di ponorogo juga dong
    untuk anak – anak SMA yang ada. ..

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