Cutteristic - Paper Cutting Starter Kit

Rp 200.000/kit, exclude delivery fee.

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Create your own paper cutting Gift/Berikan kado paper cutting buatan tanganmu

Pilih 4 dari 34 design yang bisa disesuaikan nama sesuai keinginan, berikan ini sebagai kado untuk keluarga, teman, pacar, suami/istri, atau siapapun


Choose 4 from 34 designs, you can give it as a gift to your family, friends, teacher, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, anyone. 

Cutteristic - Paper Cutting Starter Kit 3



Learn paper cutting method here


Each starter kit package contains:

  • 1 tutorial kit paper
  • 1 pcs cutter + extra blade
  • 1set cutting mat, 2 layers of duplex 400 gsm
  • 4 papers with cutting pattern (2 designs with your name, 2 designs choose from more than 30 designs)
  • 3 extra white papers to print free pattern
  • 1 extra gold paper to print free pattern
  • 1 pcs double glass wood frame, 20×15 cm
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