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Terms and conditions:

1. Slight imperfection are a part of our products, as each item is personally handmade by the highly skilled paper artists to preserve its unique characteristics. No two are the same.

2. Name characters limitation:

– 20 mm, 4 characters

– 25 mm, 5 characters

– 30 mm, 6 characters

– More than above listed characters is not suggested and if you still want to add more characters, expect for imperfections

3. This is paper charm, so it is made of paper, as you know the character of paper, it can be rip, tear off, folded, avoid water. Handle it gently to keep its perfect shape.

4. Price of paper charm is Rp 50.000/piece. Customize special design is Rp 80.000


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If you want to order chinese name and cannot type it, handwriting it and email photos separately to

3 Swarovski crystals will be added to each paper charm


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