I got this Kocu Story book from a friend who ask an illustrator in Bandung to describe Cutteristic through cartoon drawing.

I love this very much and this book describe me very well!

Cutteristic is inspired from China traditional art of paper cutting which usually perform by old people in China using small scissors to create wall/door decoration.

I was born in Indonesia and I love Indonesia traditional art, wooden statue, bone carving from North Sumatra, coconut necklace (Nias, North Sumatra), mamuli (accessories from Nusa Tenggara Timur), sunggar (hair comb from Java), gelung (hair decoration from Bali), batik, songket, tapis, stone carving like the one we saw in Borobudur, etc.

First time saw a simple paper cutting in a fashion magazine, the I was amazed and love it instantly! Then I managed to find a simple drawing, print it, the try to cut it using small scissors from my pocket knife. Click here to view my first Cutteristic. The result is not bad, but for some small section is difficult to cut using scissors, then I try to use cutter to finish it.

Creating more paper cutting as a gift for relatives is my first approach to introduce modern paper cutting in Indonesia, orders start coming after 2 months on introduction and Cutteristic created on April 2011.

Enjoy the rest of Cutteristic story in illustrations below!

With passion and dedication,

Dewi Kocu



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