Sketsa wajah paper cutting untuk kado ulang tahun yang unik & eksklusif kepada sahabat laki-laki, pacar, ayah, kakek, paman, rekan kerja, atasan, boss

Happy Birthday!

Rudy Ramawy appointed as Country Head, Google Indonesia. Officially Rudy Ramawy have joined the Google team to Indonesia since January 2012.

He obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering (University of California, Berkeley) and began his career at Procter and Gamble in 1994.

In 1997, Rudy Ramawy served as Director of Sales and Marketing at Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, and in 1999, Rudy was recruited to be a Managing Director at Warner Music Malaysia, and has offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Rudy Ramawy returned to Indonesia in 2003 and then joined back with Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia to occupy the position of President and Director as well as a Regional Marketing Director for Southeast Asia.

In 2005 Rudy join Nantrindo Phones (Axis) positions Director and Chief Marketing Officer.

Before entitled as Country Head of Google Indonesia, Rudy Ramawy Director Programming and Production RCTI.

Rudy Ramawy

In Mozaic Silver paper and White frame

38 x 38 cm frame size (price list)


“Paper cutting art Indonesia for birthday gift, handmade cutting using cutter on carton. A perfect unique, special and exclusive gift for best friend, husband, father, grandfather, uncle, boss, manager, colleague on her special ocassion such as: birthday, wedding, anniversary, farewell, pension. Paper cutting which will be displayed in double glass wood frame.


Seni ukir kertas Indonesia untuk hadiah ulang tahun yang dipotong dengan tangan dengan cutter di karton. Hadiah unik, special dan eksklusif yang cocok untuk sahabat laki-laki, pacar, ayah, kakek, paman, rekan kerja, atasan, boss di acara spesial seperti: ulang tahun, pernikahan, ulang tahun pernikahan, pensiun. Kertas yang sudah dipotong akan dijepit diantara dua kaca di dalam bingkai kayu.”

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