Belajar cara membuat paper cutting dengan kertas dan cutter biasa bersama Dewi Kucu


Jakarta, Cilincing, 5 Januari 2014

Workshop paper cutting bersama 12 anak-anak SD berusia 9-12 tahun


Dewi Kucu want people to know that we can make beautiful things from a simple material — paper. This is why she lead [paper cutting] workshops too, to share with people the know-how to creating something extraordinary from simple daily items.

Paper cutting art can be created for birthday gift, handmade cutting using cutter on fancy carton, also adorned with swarovski crystals. A perfect unique gift for best friends, family or colleagues.


Dewi Kucu ingin orang-orang tahu bahwa mereka dapat membuat karya yang indah hanya dengan bahan yang sederhana, kertas. Itulah kenapa dia mengadakan workshop untuk mengajarkan bagaimana menciptakan karya yang bagus dari bahan-bahan yang dapat ditemukan dalam keseharian.
Seni ukir kertas bisa dibuat untuk hadiah pernikahan, ulang tahun, dipotong dengan tangan dengan cutter di karton fancy, mewah dengan kristal swarovski. Hadiah pernikahan yang unik untuk teman baik anda, keluarga atau rekan kerja.

In 8th December 2013, I’m having a paper cutting class which attended by 12 children from age 9-15 in Mangga Ubi Life Center. Paper, frame, cutter, and paper with each participant name initial will be provided. I showed them some paperworks I’ve made before and explain the making process. The kids are enthusiast and they can’t wait to make their own Cutteristic.

The cutting mat is an unused magazine, 5 sheets fom the back are used for the base.

Some kids cut easily, they follow the line without finding any difficulties and the fastest is a boy name Dendi who finished this in 30 minutes! Some kids can’t really follow the line and also rip the thin line of paper, but it is ok because we can’t really see it when the paper is inside frame.

Finally they have finished all the papers, they’re happy with the result after being patiently cutting for up to 50 minutes. They gave compliment their friends’ job and happily taking picture with it. Since I’m working in fruit company, after cutting session they can enjoy fresh bananas and pineapples which are very delicious.

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