Foto keluarga unik, eksklusif, dari paper cutting, ukir kertas, dengan sketsa wajah anggota keluarga

Lexy Ardhyan 3rd Wedding Anniversary

St. Laurensius – Alam Sutera – Serpong Utara

Cutteristic - St Laurensius Lexy Ardhyan 1


Song of Solomon 8:7
Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned. (NIV)

Cutteristic - St Laurensius Lexy Ardhyan 3 Cutteristic - St Laurensius Lexy Ardhyan 4 Cutteristic - St Laurensius Lexy Ardhyan 6 Cutteristic - St Laurensius Lexy Ardhyan 8

Cutteristic - St Laurensius Lexy Ardhyan 9

Wedding gift, white paper cutting, wood pattern background in white frame adorned with Swarovski crystals

43 x 33 cm frame size (price list)


“Paper cutting art Indonesia for wedding gift, handmade cutting using cutter on carton. A perfect unique, special and exclusive gift for your best friends’ wedding, or family, colleagues. Write your wish for the happy couple in the paper cutting which will be displayed in double glass wood frame.


Seni ukir kertas Indonesia untuk hadiah pernikahan yang dipotong dengan tangan dengan cutter di karton. Hadiah unik, special dan eksklusif yang cocok untuk acara pernikahan sahabat, keluarga, teman kerja/kolega. Harapan Anda kepada pasangan pengantin juga dapat diukir di kertas. Kertas yang sudah dipotong akan dijepit diantara dua kaca di dalam bingkai kayu.”

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