Souvenir pernikahan unik dari laser cutting

5 Ways You Know It’s Time to Get Married
So, the most common question I get is “How do I know if this is the one?” and “When are you getting married?”

5. You Don’t Have to Impress Each Other
4. You Have Learned How to Trust
3. You Become Friends (at Some Point)
2. Neither of You is in Debt to the Other
1. You Are Truly Grasping What “Forever” Means

People say when u’re in love, everything seems beautiful but I say when u’re truly in love, u cant find anything more beautiful than ur love

So, let’s get married!

 22 x 17 cm, white wood frame, price by request

While in the other hand, I made these souvenir for an wedding exhibition event in Paris van Java, Bandung, “Are You Getting Married?”, on April 2013. The exhibition was fun and exciting, many things will grab your attention because the exhibitors are full of new ideas for your wedding. This event will be held again next year, 2014 in Paris van Java. If you are preparing your next year wedding, then you must come to this “Are You Getting Married?” Wedding Exhibition.


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