Cutteristic - Kucu Story, Zaha Hadid

Red is the color of my rainbow
Tulip is the scent of my morning breeze
Table for two is the shade of my moonlight
Lullaby is the voice of my wind

Zaha Hadid is the shape of my mountain
Chelonia is the shape of my cloud
Turuland is the key of my forest
Art is the stream of my river

Paper is my companion in tranquility
Cutteristic is my passion and obsession


Kucu, 3 Mei 2012


Zaha Hadid is Iraqi-British, born 1950

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Cutteristic - Zaha Hadid Artsy

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  1. Natascha

    klo Sunpride? hehhehe

    • Klo Sunpride, passion dr jaman kuliah itu.. Passion and obsession juga donk..

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