Dewi Kucu adalah seniman kertas dengan cutter pertama Indonesia yang memulai Cutteristic sejak 2011

I was interviewed on November 15th, 2012, it was public holiday and happily having TransTV (Televisi Transformasi Indonesia, is an Indonesian national television station based in South Jakarta) reporter, Ms. Natasya and her team to come and visit my house and see my Cutteristic collection. They curious about the process of making Cutteristic, paper and cutter are my basic things.


Designing the picture with Adobe Illustrator is the first thing I do then print it on a sheet of carton, then start to cut.

These are tools which I use to create Cutteristic. Dont forget my chinese name stamp, double tape, scissors, and extra cutter.

Basic cutter with small blades is the only tool I use, not X-acto, or cutting knife like people always thought of.

I always start to cut the paper from the inner side to ensure the neatness and the precision of each line.

Chinese name stamp always placed after I finish the cutting

My clients always can personalized their order, customized anyway they like it, make it a perfect gift for their loved ones and why not for themselves?

Thank you Natasya Minda Putri! A great lovely reporter from Trans TV and her team!

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  1. Natascha

    cieeehhhhh Ellen masuk tv juga!!!! hahahahha

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