Jakarta Euphoria Project

13-16 February 2014, Grand Indonesia, West Mall 5th Floor

Driven by the growing talent of the creative indonesian youth in the Art and
Fashion sector, The Euphoria Project is created to showcase the most
creative and progressive local brands that embodies bold, urban, modern,
iconic and simple characteristics.

This Art & Fashion event combines creativity of both worlds in a very
progressive and unique way. The Euphoria Project reflects and challenges the
perceptions of the current consumer and presents new perspective of how to
engage with Art and Fashion.

The Euphoria Project delivers the “Ying and Yang” of Art and Fashion , a
dynamic combination of the physical and the imagination. From the expected
to the unexpected, abstract to actual , impulsive to thoughtful, the innovative
approach of The Euphoria Project is how to synergize and balance all these
apporaches in a truly unique way.
JAKARTA Euphoria Project as the initial event will be held in Grand
Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall 5th floor Exhibition Hall, starting from
Thursday, 13 February 2014 until Sunday 16 February 2014 ( open from 10
am to 10 pm).

JAKARTA Euphoria Project will collaborate with different icons from fashion
and art in creating a one of a kind interactive experience for all visitors,
exhibitors and all participating parties. Come and join the EUPHORIA!

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