Dewi Kucu adalah seniman kertas dengan cutter pertama Indonesia yang memulai Cutteristic sejak 2011

Herworld May 2013 edition bring up a topic of Young Artisan consist of various line of art, such as: painter, illustrator, graffiti artist, ceramic maker, dancer, sinden singer, etc.

And I was featured as one of young artist who have special skill and talent in creating my artwork, paper cutting. Paper cutting is a traditional art originated from China since 6th century since they found paper, and the paper is cut using small scissors. Inspired by the local art, I’m using small cutter to cut any drawings. Faces, scenery, flowers, trees, batik pattern, etc; on a piece of carton paper.

Check out my latest work in Herworld May 2013. Thank you 90.4 Cosmopolitan FM, my favorite radio! And Ms. Dian Sarwono for the great support. ^^


I also meet these two guys, Novita Angie & Iwet Ramadhan whom I always listening to every morning in my busy weekdays. So happy to meet you guys!

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