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Cutteristic - Albert Moonsteak 1


Will you marry me?
by John Mangalindan
It’s been a while and now i know
That i can never ever let you go
From the first time we met and your first hello
I knew you’re the one where my heart will grow

You are my dream..the angel from the sky
Who showed me what life is and how I can cry
How I can have someone who I can always rely
To be there forever and never say goodbye

The one I can hug when I am in need
The one who give love.. that no one can exceed
The one who’ll shed tears …if my heart ever bleed
The one I have share my life with…

So,Now i ask you this …will please you take my hand
And be the person… who will always understand
I want to grow old with you..i’m down in one knee
You’re the only one I’ll ask…”will you marry me?”…

Cutteristic - Albert Moonsteak 6 Cutteristic - Albert Moonsteak 5


Cutteristic - Albert Moonsteak 4 Cutteristic - Albert Moonsteak 3 Cutteristic - Albert Moonsteak 2


Colorful paper flower, she loves roses and wish to live happily like fairy tale.

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