Souvenir perusahaan unik dari laser cutting untuk acara eksklusif

PT. Pelayaran Kartika Samudra Adijaya (KSA) is a privately owned Indonesian barging company which provides efficient and competitive logistics services to the Indonesian and International coal industries for almost two decades.

Ever since its establishment in 1994, the company has supported the growth of the Indonesian coal industry and grown into one of the largest barging contractors in Indonesia, transporting over 30 million tons of coals in 2011. KSA’s barging activities focused on the transshipment of coals into ocean going vessels (OGVs). However, KSA also provides services to transport other goods such as sand, iron ore, and woodchips to countries across Southeast Asia with additional offices in Samarinda, Berau, and Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

in white wave paper and dark grey metallic paper background
43 x 33 cm frame size (price list)




“Paper cutting art Indonesia for corporate gift, handmade cut using cutter on carton. A perfect unique, special and exclusive gift for company events such as: media gathering, chinese new year party, investor gathering, award party, company anniversary, etc. Or for privilege customer, priority clients in banking or insurance business. Paper cutting which will be displayed in double glass wood frame.

Seni ukir kertas Indonesia untuk hadiah dari atau untuk perusahaan yang dipotong dengan tangan oleh cutter di karton. Hadiah unik, special dan eksklusif untuk acara perusahaan seperti: media gathering, pesta tahun baru cina, investor gathering, award party, ulang tahun perusahaan, dan sebagainya. Atau untuk nasabah prioritas, pelanggan utama di perusahaan perbankan atau asuransi. Kertas yang sudah dipotong akan dijepit diantara dua kaca di dalam bingkai kayu.”

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