Paper fan gold and black for Christmas decoration

Black & Gold color theme for Christmas, why not? Combining the gold shiny with a bold color to balance it

I always love making paper fan snowflake, it is easy to make, using a very simple methode of folding the paper into an even width, then cut the hole as you like. In paper fan snowflake, I believe that the more holes you make, the more beautiful it will become, though we need some simple fan to balance it too. Unlike last year’s christmas decoration, this year I’m using cutter all the time.


How to make this Black & Gold Christmas Decoration?

First, I make a draft of layout to calculate how is the size of each artwork, diameter, height, color composition.

These are the parts of each artwork. Big paper fan needs up to 250 cm x 40 cm size of paper, while the small one fits into an A4 paper. I’m using any color of paper, it doesn’t matter, because I’m going to spray paint it afterwards with gold and black

Arrange it again, see if anything are in the right place & size. I do adding more paper fan to make sure the color composition is right.

I always try to make anything as simple and as easy as possible. I believe anyone can do this for their lovely homes and decorate your special Christmas events.

Happy decorating because decorating is FUN!

With passion & obsession,



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