Dewi Kucu adalah seniman kertas dengan cutter pertama Indonesia yang memulai Cutteristic sejak 2011

To welcome the Snake Year of 2012, I was invited to do a live perform cutting in DBS Chinese New Year dinner for 2 days in:
Fairmount Hotel Ballroom, 80 Bras Basah Rd 189560
18 & 19 february 2013

This is the souvenir for all the guests. Laser cut for hundred pieces using gold paper and black frame along with other DBS merchandise, oranges, hong bao, etc.

 Packed in a beautiful bag


Monday, 18 February 2013


Tuesday, 19 february 2013

 I’m happy to wear cheong sam as they suggest me to. This is very Chinese! But then I prefer to wear modern style of cheong sam other color instead of traditional red.

Above are customized design which I cut during the 2 hours performance.

It was a blast to celebrate Chinese New Year 2013 with Asia’s Best!

Always be the best, DBS!

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