Paper cutting motif tradisional Cina dengan simbol pembawa keberuntungan, kemakmuran, dan umur panjang

How to carve wealth?

In feng shui, red and gold colors are powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity.

The words for fish and abundance are pronounced the same in Chinese (yu) so the fish in the Chinese culture symbolizes wealth. Koi amongst lotuses represent the concept of continually (again and again) having excess (or surplus) wealth. Koi is a powerful symbol of strength and perseverance. The scales and whiskers of Koi resemble that of a dragon, a great symbol of power in China.

Thank you, Nyong!

Chinese legend says people placed messages in the bellies of the fish, and thus the fish has come to symbolize communication with a distant friend or loved one.

Frame size 40 x 40 cm (price list)

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    * aehh gilaaa dibawa2 dialeknye.. hhahaa

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